Microsoft explains how Bing is evolving on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1

Microsoft explains how Bing is evolving on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1

In a new blog post, Microsoft explains how Bing is developing into much more than a simple search engine. On both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone devices, Bing is about much more than finding what you’re looking for online — a great deal has been done to integrate the search tool with apps.

What does this mean? Well, essentially it is about Bing becoming more “intelligent” and understanding the context of searches that are performed. If you search for the name of a shop on your phone, Bing is able to realize that there’s a high chance that you want to work out how to get that. As such, it will display a list of transport and travel related apps for you to choose from.

In itself this is nothing new. Context-based handlers have existed for quite some time, and it’s a feature enjoyed on other mobile operating systems. Click a Google+ link on your Android, for instance, and you’ll be given the option of viewing the associated profile online, or in the Google+ app if you have it installed.

But the evolution of Bing is accelerating after the launch of Windows 8.1. The idea is much the same and is closely tied to modern apps. Perform a search using the Bing app on your computer and you’ll not only see web results, but also shortcuts to apps that are pertinent to the search. It’s all about making things quicker and more efficient.

It’s something that beneficial to users and app developers alike. As the Bing team puts it: “For people looking to get more done this is a great thing because it opens up a universe of utility that has been historically unreachable. For app developers, this underscores Microsoft’s DNA as a platform company giving you an easy way to help people find your app.”

Things continue to change and grow, and there are sure to be more exciting developments further down the line.

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