Microsoft explains four new graph types in Office 2016

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It may not be the sexiest topic, but to a certain subset of the population, having new chart types in Office is something of a big deal. And for those certain somebodies, today is Christmas come early. Microsoft, having updated Office 2016 with four new chart types, Histogram, Pareto, Box and Whisker, has detailed their new features.
Each of these is focused on the presentation of statistics, designed to work with Excel. Histogram, as might be expected, is intended to help illustrate the distribution of data. Named after Vilardo Pareto, Pareto is designed to help highlight significant data factors. Lastly, Box and Whisker work similarly to “characterize” the distribution of data, meaning that extra visual elements are incorporated to emphasize certain features over others.
Revealed by Microsoft on an official blog post earlier today, this is just the latest step in its march to providing the perfect all-in-one productivity suite for busy professionals the world over.
Will you be making use of these new graphs? Let us know in the comments below.

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