Microsoft experiences cyberattack similar to Facebook and Apple, small number of PCs affected

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Microsoft has revealed that a small number of its PCs were the victims of a cyberattack, similar to the recent attacks on Facebook and Apple. Microsoft is continuing to investigate and has mentioned that there is no evidence that customer data was affected by the security threat.

In the case of Facebook, a handful of employees visited a mobile developer website that hosted an exploit which then allowed malware to be installed on these employee laptops. A small number of Apple employee computers were hit with the same attack too.

"Consistent with our security response practices, we chose not to make a statement during the initial information gathering process. During our investigation, we found a small number of computers, including some in our Mac business unit, that were infected by malicious software using techniques similar to those documented by other organizations. We have no evidence of customer data being affected and our investigation is ongoing," Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Microsoft isn't surprised by this type of cyberattack and mentioned that the company is re-evaluating their security stance and will deploy additional resources to prevent future unauthorized access the the company's networks.

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