Microsoft expects cloud computing to create 14 million new jobs by 2015

According to a new study by research firm IDC and commissioned by Microsoft, public and private IT cloud spending will generate nearly 14 million jobs worldwide by the year 2015. On top of that, IT innovation created by cloud computing could produce over 1 trillion dollars in business revenue.

“The cloud is going to have a huge impact on job creation. It’s a transformative technology that will drive down costs, spur innovation, and open up new jobs and skillsets across the globe,” Microsoft stated.

According to Microsoft, cloud computing has helped businesses get in touch with their customers and partners with ease. “One of the trends we’re seeing is that companies are using cloud-based collaboration software not just for their internal employees, but to engage and share information with partners and vendors. So it’s really not just about maintaining technology but also about leveraging it to drive revenue for the business,” states Aaron Nettles, co-founder and CEO of Vorsite. Because of this, Nettles plans on doubling his workforce, all thanks to cloud computing.

According to the study, three industries are expected to generate the most cloud-related jobs, and they are communications/media, banking, and discrete manufacturing. The study also found that the number of new jobs produced by cloud computing will be somewhat proportional to the size of each industry, but not entirely.

The study also found that emerging markets such as China and India are expected to jointly produce nearly 6.8 million cloud-enabled jobs by 2015.

You can download and read the study here.

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