Microsoft executive held by Libyan authorities

by Email Twitter: ronwinbeta Apr 8th, 2011 in News

Microsoft is seeking the release of one of its important executives as he is being detained by Libyan authorities. As of this year, the country of Libya has been split into two entities claiming to be the official government of the country. But why do they have one of Microsoft’s employees?

As MSNBC reports, Microsoft is working very hard to obtain the release of one of its executives. Khalid Elhasumi, who has been in Libyan custody since March 19, had been managing Microsoft’s operations in Libya since 2010. The Microsoft office in Libya opened in 2006.

It is unknown as to why Microsoft’s employee was being detained. “We currently have no information about the reasons for his detention,” Microsoft said. “We continue our efforts to ensure his safety and soonest possible release .. we are hopeful that the authorities will release Khalid soon,” said Ali Faramawy, Microsoft’s Vice President for the Middle East and Africa.

Microsoft is working very hard with international organizations and Elhasumi’s family to help obtain his release. “We are in close touch with his family and are actively working to provide support and ensure his safety.”

Again, it is unclear as to why this particular employee has been detained for nearly three weeks. The conflict in Libya worsens as Rebels continue to battle forces loyal to leader Moammar Gadhafi for control of the country.

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