Microsoft Executive accused of horrible remarks regarding Japanese tsunami

According to recent court filings in the sexual harassment case Microsoft has been facing between the company and an employee, one of Microsoft’s senior executives allegedly told colleagues that he had “zero pity” for the victims of the Japanese tsunami and would like to “create another.”

These remarks were unveiled during court filings that involve Microsoft executive Michael Mercieca and former colleague Tracy Rummel, whom Mercieca allegedly sexually harassed. Rummel lodged a complaint with Microsoft, which was not upheld.

Apparently, a senior Vice President of the company stated, “I would have zero pity for Japan. I would push them right under the bus and create another tsunami.” Apparently, this Senior Executive is “known throughout the company for his disparaging comments about different nationalities.”

“Microsoft would find any comment of this nature to be deplorable and in no way representative of our culture and values, let alone our response to this natural disaster to which the company and our employees have donated significant sums to aid relief efforts,” a Microsoft spokesperson stated.

Mercieca, however, is claiming that various managers at Microsoft subjected him to “isolation and ostracized him, undermined him vis-a-vis other employees and his customers and subjected him to a hostile work environment.”

This case comes right after a similar incident came to light back in September of this year where Simon Negus, Microsoft’s former UK second in command, was fired in 2010 after he allegedly kissed a co-worker at a company party in Atlanta and then lied about it when Microsoft conducted an investigation.

Negus was also accused of “flirting [with] and touching” that co-worker, Toni Knowlson. Negus also asked another co-worker to “flutter her eyelashes.” On top of all that, Negus also asked another woman, Martina Redmond, to stand on a chair so that he could admire her short skirt.

Microsoft fired Negus, but was unable to prove the sexual harassment allegations. Negus was demanded to pay back £75,000 of the £225,000 ‘golden hello’ payment he had received when he joined. Negus is now sueing Microsoft claiming that he needs 15 years worth of earnings that he lost, harassment, and wrongful dismissal.

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