Microsoft exec teases Xbox One party feature, coming soon? -
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Microsoft exec teases Xbox One party feature, coming soon?

Twitter seem to have become the favorite place for Microsoft people to sneak-peek cool stuff, and Mike Ybarra of Xbox and Windows gaming is joining the fun with some early looks on a new Xbox One party feature.

Specifically, a short clip Ybarra posted on Twitter reveals a new option in the party menu, which allows players to see who's in a party before joining it. This feature has been much requested by users, and here's another instance of Microsoft soliciting customer feedback for improvements.

There is no mention of when this feature will be coming (Ybarra is, in fact, rather cryptic with his message), nevertheless, given the track record of the Xbox team in pushing out timely updates, it should probably come soon, perhaps as soon as in the next monthly update in February. We will keep an eye on this and update you once more information comes.

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