Microsoft establishes the “Center for Out of Office Excellence” just in time for the holidays

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Microsoft likes to be fun sometimes, and today the company unveiled the Center for Out of Office Excellence, a place for people to make and share their own memes to let people know they’re away.
As the winter holidays are fast approaching, office-going folks everywhere are going to need a way to let their coworkers, friends, and bosses know they’re away and unreachable for a holiday or holiday weekend. With Microsoft’s opening of the Center for Out of Office Excellence, folks can peruse the history of the Out of Office, or OOO as it’s shortened, as well as check out some of the funniest, most pitch-perfect OOO memes create by fellow users with the Center’s in-built creator tool.
On a more serious note, Microsoft also provides a nice little video to help you get ready to step away from the office, in Office:
With the Center for Out of Office Excellence, Microsoft is looking not only to encourage businesspeople to be creative when heading out for a holiday, but also to bring the fact that we as mobile workers can have an office in our pocket and yet still need to step away sometimes. If you’ve got a vacation coming up, like Microsoft’s Windows Insiders Team does, then draw up an OOO meme and put it all the places the boss will look for you.

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