Microsoft enthusiast creates concept of Microsoft's rumoured Surface Phone

Over the years, rumours of Microsoft's alleged Surface Phone have gained pace and heated up. We've seen numerous concepts, patents, and tidbits of information from a variety of sources. The information confirms that, at some point, a Surface Phone either existed, or will exist, but what's not certain is if or when the consumer will see the device.

A Microsoft enthusiast has created a concept that takes into account many pieces of information from recent times (via Windows Latest). It is a work-in-progress and will be updated over time based on feedback and additional info.

The Surface Phone would make use of a folding screen and hinge to allow users to turn it from phone-mode to table-mode, and vice versa.

As these are just concepts, this is not likely to be the expectation of any final product, although, it is based on patents that Microsoft has filed, which may go someway to making it a more realistic concept than those seen previously.

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