Microsoft enters partnership with Cirque Du Soleil using HoloLens to help plan future shows

Michael Cottuli

Cirque Du Soleil Stage

HoloLens has been in the works for years now, but it’s just starting to get to a place where we can truly understand what it’s capable of. One demonstration of these potential practical uses came from a demonstration given by Cirque Du Soleil on stage at Build today, where we were shown how Windows Mixed Reality can help to design sets before any props even go into production.

The presentation had some of the minds behind Cirque Du Soleil worked together to build up a rudimentary set through HoloLens, going so far as to get a holographic avatar of a dancer to maneuver around the set so they could get an idea how all the props would flow with a person interacting with them.

Cirque Du Soleil

The demo helped to hammer home the idea that HoloLens can have practical uses, and actually be an invaluable tool for collaborators. Building up a set can take many months, but the opportunity to visualize that set before investing time and money into building up the parts can not only help cut down costs, but it will inevitably increase the quality of the final product. More time to collaborate means more time to get it right.