Microsoft enhances Bing Image Creator for 30% faster image creation

Devesh Beri

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In celebration of the US Independence Day holiday, Microsoft opted to forgo its usual Bing Chat development update on its official blog last week. However, behind the scenes, notable advancements were made to Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator tool.

Jordi Ribas, the esteemed Head of Engineering and Product for Bing, took to Twitter to share the exciting news regarding these recent developments, as we reported last month that new enhancements would be coming in July. The enhancements implemented in the Bing Image Creator are poised to revolutionize the process of image creation by reducing the time required by a remarkable 30%.

The Bing Image Creator tool, an integral component of Microsoft’s suite of AI-powered technologies, enables users to effortlessly generate and customize images using advanced algorithms. With the latest backend improvements, Microsoft has significantly optimized the performance and efficiency of this cutting-edge tool, further solidifying its position as a leader in AI-driven image creation.

Ribas’ announcement on Twitter sent ripples of anticipation and excitement throughout the tech community. The reduced image creation time of 30% promises to be a game-changer, for now, at least, offering users a faster and more seamless experience when generating and manipulating images.

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