Microsoft engineer helps redesign the "blue badge" all full time employees wear

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Microsoft engineer helps redesign the blue badge

CEO Satya Nadella’s changes in Microsoft’s culture has led to more open partnerships and collaboration, as well as a focus on products and services that position the company as “mobile first, cloud first.” Now his refashioning of Microsoft’s culture is making its way to every employee’s identification badge with the help of initial designs from a Microsoft engineer.


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As reported by GeekWire, the new badges are based on a design concept that Microsoft engineer Ahmet Alp Balkan created in his spare time. The badge replaces the Microsoft logo circa 1988 with the new logo and contains the company’s new mission statement on the back. The badge also refreshes the employee’s picture with round profiles, not unlike the new round profile picture users will see on their Microsoft Accounts moving forward with Windows 10.

When announcing on his personal blog that his new design has been adopted, Balkan wrote,

“It is such a great pleasure to have designed something all my colleagues carry with them to work every day. Something I spent a couple of hours on and the branding team has iterated over later on has turned into an everyday item that I am sure every one of the 100,000+ Microsoft employees out there will be proud to wear.”

In his GeekWire article, Todd Bishop also adds that not just employee badges will be updated, but also badges for vendors and contractors will sport the new design. What do you think of the new badge design and other representations of Microsoft's culture shift? Let us know in the comment section.

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