Microsoft HoloLens developers tease us with awesome creations, and we like it

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It sure is cool being a Microsoft employee these days, especially if you get to involve with something as futuristic as the HoloLens. Some Microsofties who got their hands on a Microsoft HoloLens development kit have taken to Twitter to share their creations for their platform, and while the length leaves something to be desired, they're absolutely magical.
The first clip is from Andrea Chang, former Electronic Arts employee and currently Sound Designer at Microsoft - HoloLens, and it shows a holographic clown walking on a real piano, steps perfectly synced to the ominous music.

The second clip is from Noble Smith, Narrative Designer at Xbox and HoloLens, and has a little girl (who seems absolutely clueless of what's going on) raising her hands to hold something that looks like a holographic miniature star.
It's going to be interesting to see what other developers outside Microsoft can come up with next year, when the development kit starts coming out to registered developers; for now, we have to satisfy with these miniscule glimpse at the wonders of HoloLens.

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