Microsoft employees are happier with Satya Nadella as boss over Steve Ballmer

Satya Nadella
Email Twitter: @laurentgiret Oct 17th, 2016 inNews

Since Satya Nadella became the new Microsoft CEO back in February 2014, the new exec tried to initiate a profound culture shift at the technology giant, and it seems that his efforts are making employees happier than ever. According to a new report by market analysis company UBS, which analyzed employee sentiment at Microsoft and LinkedIn, Nadella had an approval rating of 88% by the end of 2015, a percentage that is approximately 10% higher than the industry average. (via Business Insider) .

The market analyst used data from recruitment website Glassdoor to track several insights such as CEO approval, career opportunities and overall business outlook. According to Business Insider, Nadella’s current approval rating is much higher than the 51% rating that Steve Ballmer had at the end of 2013, a few weeks before he was succeeded by Nadella. “The overall results are supportive of our thesis that MSFT has once again become a destination for top tech talent, with annual ratings consistently improving and ahead of peers,” added UBS.

However, the report painted a slightly different for LinkedIn, the leading professionnal network which used to rank as the very best tech company to work at in the UBS rankings. Since Microsoft announced that it would acquire the company, CEO Jeff Weiner’s approval rating decreased from 95% to 85% which is slightly lower than Nadella’s.

Does the fact that Microsoft employees are now happier under Satya Nadella’s reign could help the company better compete against the other technology giants? It seems so according to a recent study from Good&CO which explained that Microsoft employees were more adventurous than Google or Facebook employees.

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