Microsoft Editor drops Grammarly from conflict notification, now advises disabling “other editing extensions”

Rabia Noureen

Grammarly might be one of the most popular web browser extensions that help you improve your writing style, but Microsoft has recently taken some big steps to push their own “Microsoft Editor” alternative into the conversation. If you have both Microsoft Editor and Grammarly running on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, get ready to see some recommendations from Microsoft’s AI-powered tool.

The Microsoft Editor extension has started recommending users to disable other editing extensions to avoid conflicts with Microsoft’s own service. As seen in the featured image above, the message appears as a notification right under the browser extension toolbar icon (via Techdows).

“When other editing extensions and Editor are both running, their suggestions may overlap or conflict. For the best editor experience, we recommend turning off other editing extensions in your browser’s extension settings,” the notification reads. These Microsoft Editor notifications aren’t really new, though previous versions of them did mention Grammarly explicitly, as noted below.


Microsoft is probably right that having two browser extensions doing the same thing can lead to conflicts, but this is also about Microsoft looking to compete with a very popular service. Grammarly has been around since 2009, and it’s currently available on more browsers than the Microsoft Editor extension, which only works on Chromium-based browsers for now. However, the two services offer different features, and we invite you to check out our detailed comparison on this page.