Microsoft Edge will support streaming video codec VP9 in the next insider build

Streaming video online is one of the major sources of worldwide internet traffic and the means by which video is streamed is a big area of development. Major tech companies have been investing in streaming media such as Twitch, Netflix, Periscope, YouTube, Hulu, and many more. Microsoft wants to make sure they do not get left behind so they are improving the streaming media codec support in Edge.
Support for open source video codec VP9 has just been announced as being currently developed by the Microsoft Edge team and will be available to test in the next Windows 10 insider build. VP9 is a codec which is optimized for streaming web video and supporting this codec will keep Edge in the broadening market of streaming video content. Microsoft will be implementing software and hardware decoding of the codec and Edge will be able to mix VP9 video with MP4 and AAC content which is already supported.
This complex implementation will initially come to users as an experimental feature as the Edge team continues to work on refining their code. VP9 is the latest open source media format to be supported on Windows 10 behind FLAC and MKV, which bolsters Windows 10 as a modern and highly compatible OS without being overly costly because of expensive licensing agreements with codec makers.

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