Microsoft Edge Dev previews a set of new features coming to the platform

We recently witnessed Microsoft move Microsoft Edge Dev out of beta. The Edge team has also begun redirecting traffic from, onto a new Platform Status page. As the Edge team continues to build out feature sets for the relatively new browser, they are pleased to announce an initial wave of feature updates coming to the Microsoft Edge web platform. While most are still in development, web developers can look forward to the following development for EdgeHTML:
      • CSS Mutability Pseudo-classes ◦:read-write
      • ◦: read-write
      • ◦: read-only
      • CSS Range Pseudo-classes ◦:in-range
      • ◦:out-of-range
      • CSS initial keyword
      • CSS unset keyword
File APIs
      • a[download] attribute
      • input type=text selectionDirection
      • input type=time
      • input type=datetime-local
      • <meter> element
      • oninvalid event handler for the element document and window
      • Canvas ellipse
      • Canvas blending modes
      • <picture> element
      • SVG external content
Most of the features listed are planned for later rollouts in preview builds. The Edge team is also promising a smaller set of features previously mentioned, to begin rolling out to devs sooner than the above list.
      • Extended srcset and sizes
      • <template> element
      • WebRTC – Object RTC API
      • Pointer Lock (Mouse Lock)
As for when exactly these developments are posted and released, the Edge team has also been working on improving the Platform Status pages. The Edge team will now be opening up their roadmap even more with ‘backlog priority’ labels listing Status items. Using a High, Medium, Low rating system, Microsoft’s intent is to give devs more insight into how the Edge team is prioritizing their feature releases.
The High, Medium, Low labels will be applied to existing sets of technologies currently marked ‘Under Construction’ over the coming weeks. The Edge team is encouraging devs to voice their opinions by providing feedback and help rank the priority of platform features.
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