Microsoft Edge Dev channel gets PDF improvements and Windows 11-inspired changes

Laurent Giret

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has released today the build 95.0.1020.0 for the Edge Dev channel, which brings various PDF improvements as well as small design changes inspired by Windows 11. This is the fourth Edge 95 build to land in the Dev channel, and the Edge team said today that this major update will soon make its way to the Beta channel.

Regarding the Windows 11-style visual updates for Microsoft Edge, the team said today that they are still in development and there’s not much to see right now. So far, we’ve only noticed the redesigned minimize/maximize/close buttons in the top right corner of the app window, and these three icons are also better aligned vertically.

Microsoft Edge 95 Windows 11 design changes

As for the PDF improvements, this new Edge Dev update brings the ability to pick up where you left off when you reopen your PDF documents in the web browser. Microsoft Edge will remember your position in the PDF as well as your previous zoom state and layout, but you can turn off this feature in settings if you don’t like it.

This latest build also lets Edge Insiders annotate PDFs with freeform text, and this feature can be used to quickly fill in forms or add visible notes to your PDF documents. Another notable new feature in this update is the ability to annotate web captures with ink, and we invite you to also check out the blog post for the full list of bug fixes and known issues in this latest Edge 95 build.