Microsoft Edge close to 300 million users thanks to ChatGPT integration

Pranav Bhardwaj

Microsoft Edge browsing verification code issues

Microsoft, known for its dominant position in PC operating systems, has made strides in the web browser market with its Edge browser. While Microsoft has struggled in this space in the past, Edge has gained traction, inching closer to the 300 million user milestone with a total of 285 million users, according to Atlas VPN. However, it still falls short of Google Chrome’s staggering user base of over 3.3 billion and Safari’s 1.1 billion users. Nevertheless, Edge has made significant progress since its launch.

One key factor in Edge’s growth has been the integration of ChatGPT into the browser. This integration has added a considerable amount of functionality, attracting an additional 50 million users. It’s clear that the inclusion of AI capabilities has played a vital role in Edge’s accelerated growth.

But Edge is not the only browser experiencing rapid expansion. Opera, another contender in the market, has added an impressive 41 million users year over year, representing a substantial 40% increase. This suggests that Edge still has work to do if it wants to become the dominant web browser Microsoft envisions.

Currently, in fourth place, Opera trails closely behind Edge, boasting about half the number of users. Firefox, with 150 million users, is not far behind Opera, falling short by just 2 million users. The competition between Opera and Firefox is heating up, and it remains to be seen whether Opera can widen the gap further throughout the year, potentially dethroning Firefox as the most popular alternative to Chrome and Safari.

As the battle for browser dominance continues, it will be fascinating to observe how these players evolve and adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of internet users.

Via: Digital Information World