Microsoft Edge Canary makes it easier to access the favorites, history, and downloads pages

Rabia Noureen

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Last year, Microsoft introduced a couple of significant improvements to the Favorites, History, and Downloads experience in the new Edge browser. The company has now announced that it’s further refining this experience, to make it easier for users to manage these pages. The new update is already live in Edge Canary version 91.0.851.0 or newer.

With this new experience, Microsoft is giving users a couple of more ways to quickly access the full page for Favorites, History, and Downloads in the browser. First of all, Edge Insiders will now be able to press the Ctrl key and click the favorites/history/downloads button on the toolbar to open the full page.

Source: Reddit

In addition, there is also an option to click with the mouse scroll wheel or right-click on the specific button and then select the “Open <content> page” option in the toolbar or More Menu (…) available in the flyout. These changes are in addition to the existing option to click on the feature’s name in the header of the dropdown menu or pane.

As spotted by Reddit user Leopeva64-2, the Edge Insider team has also improved the “Appearance” page in Settings. Users can now select which buttons will appear on the toolbar and they can also change the font settings in the browser.

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As usual, this experience is available first to members of the Edge Insider program, specifically those in the Canary channels. It will soon come to the Dev and Stable version of Edge in the coming months.