Microsoft Edge Beta on Android gets Windows Timeline support, as does mainstream Edge on iOS

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Edge app on ios

Just last week, Microsoft Edge beta on iOS picked up support for Windows Timeline. Now a few short days later, the feature has expanded to both mainstream users of the browser on iOS, and also beta testers on Android.

We’re not yet seeing the update on our Android device, but the iOS version of the update is available and installed just fine for us. Anyway, after installing, iOS or Android users will notice that their mobile browsing history will populate on Windows Timeline on any Redstone 4 or Redstone 5 PCs.

It takes a bit to get it working for Android users though, and non-beta users will need to opt into the Beta via the Google play store to get the update and this feature. And regardless of platform, you’ll also need to head to Edge Settings > Privacy, and then toggle the “Share your browsing history” to get your history uploaded to Microsoft’s cloud and to your PCs.

This is definitely a cool feature, and with the Redstone 4 update perhaps launching tomorrow, things are about to get convenient for those who are in the Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 ecosystem. Do you see the Windows Timeline support on your iOS or Android device? Let us know below.