Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 market share increases gradually, according to NetMarketShare

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These numbers are so last year, but let’s take a look at the state of play for Microsoft’s latest web browser, Microsoft Edge, and its operating system, Windows 10, in terms of market share for December 2016. These numbers are derived from analytical firm NetMarketShare.

Windows 10 market share

Despite Microsoft’s initial goal of wanting Windows 10 to be installed on a billion devices within a few years of launching the operating system, it may appear that growth is slower than needed. December 2016 saw a 0.64 percentage point increase in market share for Windows 10 compared to November. This brings the total market share for Windows 10 to under 25% by the end of 2016, at 24.36%.

Overall, Windows as a whole saw a market share increase, from 90.95% to 91.72%. Linux and Mac both saw declines. Linux dropped from 2.31% to 2.21%, whereas Mac dropped from 6.74% to 6.07%.

Microsoft Edge market share

Microsoft’s latest web browser, Microsoft Edge, is only available as part of Windows 10, which in itself limits the market share it is able to grab, rising generally in-line with Windows 10’s share.

From November to December 2016, Microsoft Edge saw an increase in market share of 0.12 percentage points. This brings its overall share to 5.33%, up from 5.21%. Internet Explorer continued its downward spiral, going from 21.66% share to 20.84%; it was just over 40% at the start of 2016, meaning that in 1 year it has halved its market share.

That’s where Microsoft’s latest OS and browser are at the end of 2016. What will 2017 bring?

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