Microsoft Edge adds Split screen feature

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft Edge

In January, Microsoft started testing a new capability in Edge called Split screen. It’s designed to enhance navigation and accessibility for users by letting them split two tabs into one window.

And now, Microsoft has since rolled out the feature to Edge’s stable version quietly. This means it’s accessible across Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s worth noting that Windows 11 already ships with a snap feature called Snap Layout that also lets users split their screen real estate into several parts.

To access this feature, you’ll have to enable it using Edge’s “flags” interface:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge.
  2. Then, navigate to edge://flags.
  3. Next, search for Microsoft Edge Split Screen in the search box.
  4. Change the feature’s setting from Default to Enabled using the drop-down menu.edge split screen flag
  5. You’ll be prompted to restart your browser.

Now, relaunch Edge which will now feature a new Split window button in the toolbar. You can now easily launch one tab alongside another one in one window as illustrated in the screenshot below:

split screen in Microsoft Edge

Each split tab also features a small floating toolbar that appears when you move the mouse to the tab. The toolbar features three buttons: Switch between linked and unlinked tabs, More options, and Close split window.

When you click on the More options button, it features three options. First, the Open screen in a new tab which is then followed by View split screen pages in two tabs. Both options are not available for me currently, therefore, it’s not yet possible to establish what each option can do. And lastly, is the Send feedback option.

You can also click on the new Split windows button to enable and disable the feature. If you also don’t find the feature useful, you can right-click on the button to hide it from the toolbar.

At the moment, there’s no keyboard shortcut that one can use to navigate between both tabs in the window. However, you can use the mouse to achieve the same.

It should also be noted that this flag is available for users running on Microsoft Edge version 111.0.1661.62 or later. There’s a possibility that the feature might not work as expected in some instances since flags are experimental features.

via: Thurrott