Microsoft Edge 111 heads to the Beta Channel with some tweaks and the usual reliability fixes

Kevin Okemwa

Edge Adobe Acrobat

Microsoft Edge 111 has shipped to the Beta Channel, with it comes two feature updates as well as the usual policy updates. Here’s everything you need to know about this release:

First up, is that the browser now features enhanced security mode improvements. This means that both WebAssembly for macOS x64 and Linux x64 are now supported.

Additionally, Microsoft has also incorporated a new policy that clears your IE mode data whenever you close Microsoft Edge. According to Microsoft:

The InternetExplorerModeClearDataOnExitEnabled policy controls whether browsing history is deleted from Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer mode every time Microsoft Edge is closed. Users can also configure this setting in the ‘Clear browsing data for Internet Explorer’ option in the Privacy, search, and services menu of Settings

We invite you to check out Microsoft’s blog post for the full changelog. In related news, Microsoft is currently working on adding mouse gestures to Edge, designed to enhance its user experience and promote productivity.

As usual, if you’re an Edge Insider, this latest release should automatically install for you. If that is not the case you can trigger the update by visiting Edge’s Settings menu, then click on Help and Feedback, select About Microsoft Edge, and then wait for the browser to download the update.