Microsoft earns $5.70 billion in the Windows Division thanks to Surface and Windows 8 sales

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Microsoft has revealed its quarterly revenue earnings for the quarter ending March 31st of 2013 (FY13 2013) and the software giant has seen an increase in sales for the Windows Division by 23% compared to the prior year period! Microsoft can attribute this increase in revenue thanks to sales of Windows 8 and the Surface tablet.

Microsoft revealed that it has earned a revenue of $5.70 billion just for the Windows Division during its last quarter. Microsoft has earned a total of $20.49 billion in revenue. “The Windows Division posted revenue of $5.70 billion, a 23% increase from the prior year period. Adjusting for the recognition of revenue related to the Windows Upgrade Offer, Windows Division non-GAAP revenue was flat. During the quarter, we added to the Surface family of devices with Surface Pro,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft’s Business Division saw an increase by 8% with a total revenue of $6.32 billion dollars. The software giant’s Server and Tools business saw an increase of 11% with a total revenue of $5.04 billion dollars. Microsoft’s Online Services Division reported revenue of $832 million, which is an 18% increase compared to the prior year period.

Microsoft also mentioned that its Xbox LIVE entertainment service saw an increase of 18% with 46 million members worldwide. This helped out the Entertainment and Devices Division with a total revenue of $2.53 billion, an increase of 56% from the prior year period.

“Our enterprise business continues to thrive. Enterprise customers are increasingly turning to Microsoft for their IT solutions and as a result, we continue to take share from our competitors in key areas including hybrid cloud, data platform, and virtualization,” Microsoft’s Kevin Turner stated. He’s the chief operating officer at Microsoft.

Microsoft has seen an increase in revenue in all aspects of its services and devices areas. One thing that shows promise is the Windows Division’s revenue boost by 23% compared to the previous year period. Based on this data, it is obvious that sales for Windows 8 and the Surface RT/Pro have been pretty good.

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