Microsoft Dynamics CRM used to deliver time savings of 80%, savings of $2 million for farm associations

Sean Cameron


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is being used to achieve significant savings in time and money across the agricultural industry in the USA.

AgFirst Farm Credit Bank is a large firm that operates across 15 states (and Puerto Rico), serving over 80,000 customers across the agricultural industry. With such a large customer base, the data needs of AgFirst are quite significant; employing an effective Customer Relations Management (CRM) system is, as such, highly important.

When the decision came to pick one and adapt it to its own needs recently, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the only realistic proposition. Allowing the business to integrate well with its existing systems, and also being quite pliable with regards to modifications, this solution has worked well for the company.

Having adapted the CRM to its unique needs, the company then proceeded to offer it as a hosted service for member associations. Of these associations, AgChoice Farm Credit and MidAtlantic Farm Credit managed to save a collective total of $2 million by not building their own system.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) also utilized Microsoft Dynamics CRM to similar effect. As is the case with large organizations serving a large numbers of customers in a situation where high levels of one-to-one time are important, having an effective means to maximize this customer engagement is paramount to success.


Through the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the RMA was able to make changes in the way that it compiles cases, and through the time savings made has been able to spend more time dealing with individual cases. This has led to an improvement in service across the board and has subsequently led to a significant boost in customer satisfaction. In total, the time taken to compile a key report has been slashed by 80%, a large saving by anyone’s estimate. This change in structure has also meant that it is now far easier for the department to comply with changing federal legislation.

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