Microsoft Dynamics 365 to be unveiled in October 11th online event

Kellogg Brengel

dynamics 365

Microsoft announced today that they will be unveiling their new cloud-based CRM and ERP SaaS offering, Dynamics 365, on Tuesday, October 11th. Microsoft Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie will be showing off Dynamics 365 through an online event which will include live demos and presentations on digitally transforming your business.

Dynamics 365 was first announced in a blog post back in July of this year. The announcement said Dynamics 365 will be an extremely flexible solution for enterprises, allowing them to pick and choose precisely which Dynamics apps and capabilities they pay for with each user.

Microsoft's save the date for Dynamics 365
Microsoft’s save the date for Dynamics 365

Not long after the initial announcement, Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley obtained more information about Dynamics 365’s roadmap. As we examined the roadmap, it became clear Dynamics 365 deconstructed the various versions of Dynamics into component parts which can then be selected a la carte by businesses under Dynamics 365.

The component parts of Dynamics 365 combine “three Azure-hosted Microsoft services,” spanning Dynamics AX ERP suite, Dynamics CRM Online, and “Project Madeira” for small-business financials. What this essentially means, Dynamics 365 will be a cloud-based, Azure and Office 365 compatible platform for managing every component of your business, from operations to sales and marketing to your business’s treasury. It will feature an enterprise-focused app store, AppSource, and work with other Microsoft cloud services such as Power BI and Cortana Intelligence.

To find out more about Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can attend the Scott Guthrie’s online session next Tuesday, October 11th at 2:30 PM EST here.