Microsoft has dubbed Halo 5 in the Chinese language with subtitles for Chinese users

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Microsoft dubbed Halo 5 in Chinese language and subtitles for Chinese users

In an attempt to provide Chinese users with more personalized experience, Microsoft will be launching its blockbuster game title Halo 5 in the Mandarin (Chinese) language along with subtitles in simplified Chinese, which the company allegedly recorded at Shanghai Film Studio.

China is a huge market for technology products. And given that the government has just recently uplifted the ban from gaming consoles’ purchase, Microsoft is eyeing at big sales there, as evident from company’s recent promotions in China.

The company has partnered with over 25 Chinese game developers who will be providing over 70 Xbox One exclusive titles at the Xbox One’s launch in the country scheduled on September 23. The company will also be making available several other Xbox One titles including Sunset Overdrive and Halo The Master Chief Collection to Chinese consumers.

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