Microsoft drops price of Xbox 360 in India


The venerable Xbox 360, despite its advanced age and more powerful successor, is still kicking. Around the world, there are still a few stalwart souls, tempted by the large catalog of games and the low price.

Indeed that price has now been slashed even further in India, where buyers can now pick up the 4GB variant of the Xbox 360 for a mere RS 12,990 ($210.65), or with the Kinect for RS 21,990 ($356.61). With the former RS 3,000 ($48.65) cheaper and the latter RS 5,000 ($81.08) less expensive than they were previously, this represents a nice savings.

The 250GB model with Kinect has also seen a nice reduction in cost, and is now available for RS 29,990 ($486.34).

Though not quite as cheap as elsewhere, this is still a good move from Redmond as it attempts to gain more market-share globally.

Do you live in India? Do you use the Xbox 360? Let us know in the comments below.

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