Microsoft drops original Band price by $70, now $129.99 at Microsoft Store

Mark Coppock

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If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re already aware that Microsoft introduced some new products recently. One of them is a completely redesigned Band activity tracker, dubbed the Band 2, that makes for a more comfortable experience with a more scratch-resistant screen and some new tracking capabilities. Now that the new Band 2 is available for preorder, Microsoft is dropping the price on the old Band by $70, offering it at a more attractive $129.99.

The original Band is now available at the low, low price of $129.99.
The original Band is now available at the low, low price of $129.99.

The Band 2 retails at a heftier $249.99, and offers the following features:

  • Continuous heart rate monitor tracks heart rate, calorie burn, and sleep quality
  • Tracking for running, biking, golf, and more
  • Email, text, calendar, and call alerts on the go
  • 11 sensors, including GPS, UV monitor, and barometer
  • Full-color curved display
  • Works with Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone

The original Band remains a decent enough fitness tracker, however, with 10 of the Band 2’s 11 sensors (missing only the new barometer, which helps the Band 2 track elevation), built-in GPS, and the same support for all three major smartphone platforms. Where the Band falls down is in the fitness department, with a much flatter and stiffer design that wasn’t known for being terribly comfortable. The Band also lacks the Band 2’s Gorilla Glass 3 screen with its enhanced scratch resistance–you’ll want to factor in the price of a screen protector if you pull the trigger on the original. Nevertheless, the Band is a pretty decent fitness tracker at roughly half the price of its successor, and deserves at least a try before being completely discounted.
If $249.99 is a bit too high a price to pay for tracking your health and reminding you to keep in shape, then the original Band at $129.99 might be a bit more attractive. Head on over to the Microsoft Store and grab one, before inventory runs short.