Microsoft to drop retail version of Windows 8, offer OEM and Upgrade only? (rumor)


A new report suggests that Microsoft is planning on dropping retail boxes of Windows 8 in favor of just an Upgrade package and OEM package. This new rumor comes along with another rumor that Windows 8 is expected to be officially released on October 28th.

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According to the report, Microsoft will offer the Windows 8 Upgrade package for $39.99 and the Windows 8 System Builder Kit (OEM), which consumers can purchase online. Microsoft has already made it a point to emphasis the Windows 8 Upgrade special for just $39.99. Is this just a big rumor or is it practical? We will have to wait and see. Microsoft has already detailed its Upgrade plans for Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

A recent report suggests that Microsoft will make available Windows 8 to the general public on Sunday the 28th of October. This report is based on an anonymous source who works at an OEM. Regardless if this is true or not, Microsoft is expected to release Windows 8 at the end of October.