Microsoft’s dreams of the 24/7 365 worker goes viral


It is no surprise to anyone who has followed Microsoft over the last year or so that ‘productivity’ has become a major focus for the firm. With a firm focus on growing the power of its cloud-based services and systems, Redmond is imagining a world where work can be completed anywhere.

In stark contrast to scenarios painted by sci-fi writers of the past, it seems that having too little to do is not destined to be a problem for the majority of the global population any time soon; in fact it promises to be quite the opposite.

With a mobile device in hand, running a full version of Office 365 and (preferably) Windows 10, Microsoft has demonstrated working on the toilet, while walking through the park, while attending your kid’s soccer practice, during dinner, on the couch and in bed.

info 2

Indeed this is a future where it is no longer necessary to travel to the office, it is simply carried around on one’s person.

These infographics were created from data collected from workers across a number of different industries. The ads seek to present this as a means by which to balance the demands of life, though this appears to be in the context of a daily schedule which is 70% work. Though first put together and released in December 2013, the infographics are now going viral.

info 3

Despite the obvious ethical implications of such an approach, not to mention the inevitable degradations to mental and physical wellbeing that such a hyper-vigilant attitude towards work entails, there seems to be a kernel of humor in Microsoft’s attempts. At least, that is what can be hoped.

If there isn’t (and for all intents and purposes, there may not) then get ready to work everywhere you go.

Do you believe Microsoft is kidding? Would you like to get more work done on the go in this way? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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