Microsoft is ditching Wi-Fi Sense network sharing feature (updated)

Brad Stephenson

Updated on:

Man and woman in an office using Microsoft Continuum on a Windows Phone and monitor

(Note: this post has been updated to reflect that Microsoft is ditching the network sharing with contacts feature of Wi-Fi Sense, not Wi-Fi Sense)

Microsoft will be discontinuing the Wi-Fi Sense service that allowed users to share Wi-Fi networks with their contacts, and automatically connect to networks shared by your contacts. Not sure what it is? That’s the reason for the discontinuation. “The cost of updating the code to keep this feature working combined with low usage and low demand made this not worth further investment,” Microsoft’s Gabe Aul said is a statement.

Once users enabled the service, it allowed them to seamlessly share internet Wi-Fi hotspots and passwords with their friends and contacts. The feature has never really been promoted by Microsoft, despite its huge potential, and many users likely disable it or ignore it due to a lack of information on it.

The announcement was made in the release notes for Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14342 which removed the service from the operating system completely. Those users running devices with it still installed will still be able to use Wi-Fi Sense, just not the network sharing feature.. “Wi-Fi Sense, if enabled, will continue to get you connected to open Wi-Fi hotspots that it knows about through crowdsourcing,” says Aul.

Have you ever used Wi-Fi Sense network sharing feature? Are you sad to see it go? Let us know in the comments below.