Microsoft discontinues OneDrive groups quietly, recommends OneDrive's sharing functionality

Microsoft discontinues OneDrive groups quietly, recommends OneDrive's sharing functionality

​Microsoft's OneDrive, formally known as SkyDrive, is a file hosting service that give users the ability to upload and sync files to the cloud storage service and then access them from a web browser or their local device. A key aspect of OneDrive's features was Groups, a great tool for collaborating on documents and other projects. Groups was featured at the SharePoint Conference in March.

"Groups are public by default because we want users to engage in open conversations so that they can discover new information and new contacts within their organisation," said Chew, senior product marketing manager in Microsoft’s exchange group. "Conversations that happen in public groups can lead to better information sharing, and free exchange of ideas connects people and makes the organization more productive."

Unfortunately, Microsoft has quietly removed this feature. If you notice, you cannot create new groups or invite people to existing groups in OneDrive anymore. Since there wasn't any announcement of the removal, the issue was posted on Microsoft community forums

"I understand that you can no longer create a new OneDrive group due to the error message you received. Please be inform[ed] that the creation of new OneDrive group is already discontinued. However, you can still invite new contacts to existing OneDrive groups. We apologize if this new update have made any inconvenience to you," a forum moderator responded.

Microsoft's support members, however, are recommending to take the alternative route which is OneDrive's sharing functionality.

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