Microsoft disables faulty sync with latest Edge preview builds, out now -
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Microsoft disables faulty sync with latest Edge preview builds, out now

In case you hadn't noticed, Microsoft's new Edge browser built on Chromium has been having some issues with syncing between devices, including creating multiple copies of Favorites that seemingly couldn't be deleted (well they could, but they kept coming back). Today, in an announcement of the latest Edge Dev build, Microsoft says that it's "temporarily disabled sync to prevent any more data duplication." The blog post calls the sync issues out as coming "last week," but in truth the new browser has had sync issues throughout its development.

Funny, but having just moved our old archive over to Azure, I was going through some old posts, and it appears Microsoft hasn't been able to get Favorites sync right for over 10 years. Talk about consistency!

Anyway, in addition to pulling back on sync, The Edge team added a couple of new Features to the Edge Dev branch:

  • Added a right-click option to sort individual favorites folders by name from the Favorites management page.
  • Added a new setting to always use Strict Tracking Prevention inside InPrivate windows.

There are also a number of reliability improvements, changed behavior, and known issues, all listed in the blog post (you may have to join the Microsoft Tech Community to read, well worth it!). Here's hoping that Microsoft can get Favorites sync fixed once and for all, and let us know what you think of the new build in the comments.

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