Microsoft developer videos among the top 10 most-watched, according to CodeChannels

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Developers need to be kept up to date with the goings-on in the companies that supply them with their platforms. In a world where technology continues to advance and innovate itself on a daily basis, it's becoming increasingly vital for companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple to send out messages to developers that keep them in the loop, and help them to stay on the cutting edge of their craft.
CodeChannels, a site that aggregates developer videos from the likes of Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, and others, has gone about compiling a list of the top 10 most viewed videos that accomplished that goal throughout 2015 - not entirely dissimilar to top 10 most watched conferences, where Microsoft's keynote events managed to get the attention of their respective audiences in large numbers.
This list is made different by the fact that it compiles not only the keynotes and other events put out by Microsoft, Apple, and other like companies,  but also any other videos - that includes tutorials, and promotional material. With that in mind, the competition become much more heavy - although Microsoft still seemed to carry a significant presence. Considering their high rating in social power, nobody should really be surprised.
Here are the three videos that managed to make the cut on the list. They all seem to dive into several different subjects that fans of Microsoft - or technology in general - might have an interest in. It makes sense that they garnered the sort of attention that they did.
The Visual Studio keynote took the #4 spot with 558,107 views. It's a solid keynote that's chock full of demonstrations, and shows off how Visual Studio 2015 is full of "Choice, choice, and more choice."

Next up was the brief video from the Microsoft Ignite conference which explained the user interface behind Windows 10, and showed off to people how it was designed to be a marriage between Windows 7 and Windows 8. It takes the #5 spot on this list.

Nearing the bottom of the list is Microsoft's Build 2015 Day one keynote, which grabbed the #8 spot with 340,693 views. It's a fairly comprehensive keynote that goes over plans for the intelligent cloud, and gives us good insight into Satya Nadella's strategy moving forward.

It's been a good year for Microsoft - that much nobody can really argue against. With massive technical and marketing breakthroughs like the Surface Book breaking out into the world, it's only icing on the proverbial cake that Microsoft continues to offer its audiences so many different ways of keeping in touch, and staying up to date on what the company is up to. On that note, let's all look forward to another great year. Hopefully, it will be another year full of new devices (Surface Phone, anyone?), innovative software, and good customer engagement.

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