Microsoft details XAML and DirectX app development for Windows 8

In a new Windows 8 app developer blog post, Microsoft details the XAML and DirectX support in Windows 8. App developers can utilize the combination of XAML and DirectX in Windows 8 to build fast and fluid Metro style apps.

“With the release of the Consumer Preview, you no longer have to draw a hard distinction between a XAML app and a DirectX app. You can now tap into the strengths of both XAML as a rich UI platform and DirectX as a high-performance rendering solution within the same app, using a familiar XAML model,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

With the combination of XAML and DirectX in Windows 8, we can see image processing, creativity, and app design that blend UI and graphics. We can also see large-scale map and document viewers. We can also see games with full-screen, high performance DirectX graphics and minimal overlaid UI.

According to Microsoft, everything in Windows 8 has been optimized for and built around DirectX, which offers the highest performance rendering in Windows 8. Developers can also use XAML to build fast and fluid Metro style apps. For those that don’t know, XAML is an interface toolkit for all types of apps in Windows 8 which brings “interactivity, Metro style controls and animations, and rich functionality like accessibility support, databinding, media, and HTML hosting.”

You can read more details on this blog post, including sample code, on the Windows 8 App Developer blog.

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