Microsoft details Windows Phone Tango limitations on devices with 256MB RAM

Microsoft has today revealed details about the limitations that Windows Phone Tango will have if the device it’s on has 256MB RAM. The new low cost specifications should allow Microsoft to sell Windows Phone to a wider market, preferably those that don’t have enough money for a high end device.

In a new blog post from Microsoft, Windows Phone Tango’s new minimum requirement for RAM has been lowered to a mere 256MB RAM. This is a big leap downward specification wise, but a good move for Microsoft, since lower RAM equals to a cheaper handset, this could open up Windows Phone to a much bigger market.

Unfortunately, devices that do have 256MB RAM will have some limitations, for example some apps will not work on Tango with 256MB RAM. SkyDrive will not automatically sync photos, although this can still be done manually. The phones will also not be able to record in HD, background agents have been disabled, fast app switching has also been disabled. Bing Local scout will not work, and podcast/video subscriptions cannot be managed on these low end devices.

Microsoft is trying very hard to get it’s Windows Phone device seen by consumers, a current marketing campaign, titled ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’ aims to make other phones such as the iPhone, or Nexus look bad in general tasks, the Windows Phone seems to win most tasks, but will that be the case with 256MB RAM?

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