Microsoft details Windows 8 Photos app, comes with SkyDrive integration

In a new Building Windows 8 blog post, Microsoft details the new Photos app in the company’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system. This new Metro-style Photos app allows users to easily view and shair their precious memories, even with SkyDrive!

Since Windows 8 is optimized for a landscape orientation, Microsoft designed the Photo’s app in a similar way. The new Photos app even comes with a storyline view, so users can see photos and navigate though all of them with ease. Photos app utilizes the pinch to zoom feature to see thumbnails of all photo collections. The Photos app also comes with SkyDrive integration by installing the SkyDrive Desktop app. “Any PC with the SkyDrive desktop app installed will show up in the Photos app. So by simply running SkyDrive desktop app on the PC(s) where all your photos reside, the Photos app will reach back to that PC so that you can look at your old photos alongside your recent ones,” Microsoft adds. The Photos app even comes with its own home screen image, which you can set yourself.

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