Microsoft Details the Windows 8 Boot Experience

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In another Building Windows 8 blog post, Microsoft details its Windows 8 boot experience. In essence, users may boot their systems one to two times a day and Microsoft wants it to be fast and fluid.

Microsoft explained that the experience of booting a Windows 8 PC should be a balance between simplicity for mainstream consumers and a more advanced boot environment for configuring settings in a pre-operating system environment.

“What better place to start thinking about the boot experience than the Windows 8 setup UI. This is one of the first places where we’ve made sure to give a great touch-first experience. The entire setup process, including entering your product key, joining a wireless network, and setting up a default account, will be accessible using the soft keyboard,” Microsoft stated.

“The Windows 8 boot experience will reflect the personality of Windows; it will be fast and fluid, seamless, and beautiful every time,” Microsoft reiterates.

Microsoft further explained that unlike the past versions of Windows, Windows 8 will have advanced boot options that can be reached easily, navigated easily, and have a harmonious look and feel to it.

Microsoft even made it easier to make boot configurations during the pre-boot stage. “Instead of remembering bcdedit commands, or changing settings in msconfig (though these options are still available), you can easily configure the default OS and timer settings right within the boot UI.”

In fact, Microsoft has made it even easier to boot from other devices such as a thumb drive. “Advanced boot options that were formerly only available from BIOS menus will be available alongside the Windows-provided functionality.”

Microsoft Details the Windows 8 Boot Experience - - September 20, 2011

Microsoft Details the Windows 8 Boot Experience - - September 20, 2011

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