Microsoft details Windows 8 app submission experience for Windows Store

Microsoft has detailed its Windows Store app submission process for Windows 8 apps. The company goes over the process of creating apps, listing them in the Store, and keeping track of how the apps are doing as well as updating them over time.

Microsoft explains its three design goals for the Windows Store. First, the company wants to encourage developers to visit the Store developer portal before creating an app. Second, Microsoft wants to help developers comply with Store technical requirements. And finally, the company wants to reduce concepts and repetition by pulling information directly from the app package.

The company will allow developers to reserve a name before they are ready to submit their app, which in turn allows for the developer to visit the Store developer portal earlier in the design process and exposes them to other options and requirements.

“We decided that in order for consumers to reliably find, acquire and provide feedback on an app in the Store, we needed to ensure that all apps had a unique name as seen by consumers. For various technical reasons, the unique identity for each app must include some details that are app-specific and some details that are developer-specific,” Microsoft added.

Microsoft hopes to increase developer confidence and satisfaction in the process of submitting apps to the Windows Store by creating a well designed Store. You can check out the certification requirements for creating Windows 8 apps. You can read the full post for further details and screenshots, or view the video demonstration below:

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