Microsoft details Windows 8 app listing experience in Windows Store

In a new Windows Store for developers blog post, Microsoft has detailed its app listing experience for the upcoming Windows Store in Windows 8. Developers can submit their apps easily and allow for easy discovery using certain mechanisms.

Just recently, Microsoft detailed its Windows Store app submission process for Windows 8 apps. The company went over the process of creating apps, listing them in the Store, and keeping track of how the apps are doing as well as updating them over time.

In a new Windows Store for developers blog post, Microsoft goes over the experience of having your app listed on the Store. “When your app is published into the Windows Store, a web version of your app listing page is automatically created for you in all markets and languages where your app is available,” Microsoft adds. As more browsers add support for Windows 8 protocols, these web-based listing pages will have a “View in Windows Store” button that transitions to the app listing page in the Windows Store.

The listing itself contains all the content an app developer submits for the app, including information shown on the Overview tab and Default tab of the Windows Store listing, as well as the price and rating information for easy indexing by search engines.

Those on the Metro interface of Internet Explorer 10 can easily see an app switch button that lets users know that an app is available for the website they are viewing. Clicking that button will take them to that app’s listing page in the Windows Store.

You can read the full blog post here which goes over additional discoverability mechanisms for app developers.

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