New Action Center features detailed, coming to Windows 10 PC, Mobile and Android

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WinBeta previously reported that Microsoft was working on a new UI for the Action Center that would bring a new designs and more options for developers. Internally, this new design was referred to as Cards, but the finished product seems to look less like Cards and more clean instead, which in our opinion is actually better than what the company was planning originally. During a breakout session at BUILD today, the company detailed its plans for the Action Center, and how these new changes will work on PC, Windows 10 Mobile and Android.

You heard correctly, the new Action Center UI is coming to Windows 10 Mobile too, and looks identical to that of the PC. The new Action Center will also sync up to the cloud, allowing users to dismiss a notification on more than one device. For example, users will be able to dismiss a text notification on their PC, and have that same notification be dismissed on their phone, something users have been longing for since Windows 10 debuted last year.

Action Center Design
New Action Center

This functionality works on Android too via the Cortana app, meaning Android users can jump in on the experience with Windows 10 without needing a Windows 10 Mobile handset. Android users will be able to see and dismiss notifications that appear on their PC, and vice-versa. Other features coming to the Action Center are widgets and tiles, which developers can tap-into offering rich-information cards to users. A good example of this is with the Weather app, which can provide not only images, but forecasts, animations and interaction directly from the Action Center.

Action Center Design Ask
Action Center goals

It is expected that the new Action Center will arrive alongside the Anniversary Update launching this summer for Windows 10 PCs and phone. Windows 10 Mobile users will be glad to hear the latest innovations coming to PC will also be coming to mobile as well, so although Microsoft isn’t focusing on mobile this year, you are still getting the latest features. Mobile is here today, and we can’t wait to try out these new changes.

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