Microsoft details memory efficiency for suspended Metro style Apps in Windows 8

In a new blog post, Microsoft details the memory management improvements in Windows 8. Suspended Metro style apps will not only conserve CPU for other apps but these suspended apps don’t cause activity that can consume resources. This ultimately leads to better batter life and increases responsiveness in Windows 8.

“Starting with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, whenever Windows detects memory pressure on the system, it will repurpose nearly all the memory that suspended Metro style apps would otherwise hold onto. Windows 8 can reclaim this memory without having to terminate an app,” Microsoft states. Since Metro style apps are suspended and are no longer in the foreground, the memory it was using will be repurposed if necessary to improve responsiveness. Since memory is limited on most computers, unless you are one of the lucky ones with more than 4GB of RAM, Windows 8 will have your solution. Check out the source for a more in-depth look at Windows 8’s memory management feature.

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