Microsoft details language support in Windows 8, adds 109 total languages

In a new Building Windows 8 blog post, Microsoft has detailed an improved language support feature in Windows 8. Now in a centralized location, Windows 8 users can easily switch between the 109 total languages.

Microsoft has made it to where Windows 8 users can work in any language they want and easily switch between them. Using the new Language preferences section in the Control Panel, Windows 8 users can find all the Windows display languages they need. “For Windows 8, we have reimagined the display language experience, focusing on making additional display languages available to all Windows users, making them super easy to find and install, and allowing users to switch between them,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Currently in Windows Vista and Windows 7, users will see several languages as an optional update in Windows Update. In Windows 8, it won’t be this way anymore. Instead, the languages will be in the Language preferences in the Control Panel.

Therer will be a total of 109 languages including Punjabi (Pakistan), Sindhi (Pakistan), Central Kurdish (Iraq), Uyghur (People’s Republic of China), Belarusian (Belarus), Kinyarwanda (Rwanda), Tigrinya (Ethiopia), Tajik (Tajikistan), Wolof (Senegal), K’iche’ (Guatemala), Cherokee (United States), Scottish Gaelic (United Kingdom), and Valencian (Spain).

You can read the full blog post here.

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