Microsoft details its Windows 8 user interface

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Microsoft revealed today some more details on its user interface for its upcoming operating system, Windows 8. In another Building Windows 8 blog post by Steven Sinofsky, we learn about the company’s plans regarding the Metro user interface and how it ties into Windows 8.

Lately, we have been seeing screenshots and videos of Microsoft new tablet-based Windows Phone-inspired Metro user interface. The Metro style features a fast and fluid, immersive, and app-centric interface. From what Microsoft says, we can choose to use the Metro style without having to load any other standard Windows 8 code.

“You get a beautiful, fast and fluid, Metro style interface and a huge variety of new apps to use. These applications have new attributes (a platform) that go well beyond the graphical styling (much to come on this at Build). As we showed, you get an amazing touch experience, and also one that works with mouse, trackpad, and keyboard. And if you want to stay permanently immersed in that Metro world, you will never see the desktop—we won’t even load it (literally the code will not be loaded) unless you explicitly choose to go there! This is Windows reimagined,” Sinofsky states.

In other words, those who prefer to use Windows 8 using the tablet mode (Metro UI) interface on their tablets or on their PCs using a touch or standard keyboard/mouse interface, will not even have to load the standard desktop code.

Sinofsky also adds that a Windows 8 user can easily switch between the interfaces with “ease and fluidity.” In essence, the Windows desktop is now “just another app.”

Microsoft is also allowing developers to target the APIs of their choosing to create software for whatever interface they choose.

Expect to hear more about the Metro user interface at this years Build Developers Conference. If you are unable to attend, Microsoft will make available the keynotes online. Build begins on September 13th.

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