Microsoft details the improvements made to Bing’s Speller, offers a better search experience

Bing Speller

In an official blog post, Microsoft offers some details on improvements made to the company's search engine speller. Now, when you search on and you misspell a word, Bing will offer a correction and not just any correction, but a relevant correction. Microsoft is working on having Bing deliver a better search experience for users.

"In close collaboration with Microsoft Research we have developed advanced machine learning models to build a great speller. The team working on speller relevance runs thousands of experiments every week – ranging from improving data freshness to improving ranking fundamentals – to deliver a better search experience," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Bing's Speller examines the context of the query to deliver the best possible results. Bing even adapts to constantly evolving vocabularies on the internet!

"Sometimes, even when an individual word is spelled correctly, the Bing Speller corrects it to better suit the searchers intent. For example, someone recently searched the phrase: “how can you sea if money is reel,” when searching for information on how to detect the authenticity of money. In this case, the Bing Speller corrects the two words “sea” to “see” and “reel” to “real.” Though the two words were correctly spelled, they don’t make sense in the context of the search. The correction has a big impact on the quality of the web results," Microsoft explained further. Head over to and give it a try!

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