Microsoft's Windows Phone presence is disappearing in the US

Windows phone

In a new phone market share report over at comScore, Apple claimed top OEM spot with 43.5 percent. However, platform market share was awarded to Android, which is on 52.1 percent of phones. A side note, Facebook is listed as the top individual smartphone app.


With a slight drop in share, Android now has 53.1 percent of the market while Apple has risen to 43.5 percent. Microsoft is still the clear third platform for the three-month period ending in May. Unfortunately, the 3.0 percent share is lower than the previous sample period ending in February.

Top platform

With 189.7 million smartphone users in the U.S., it's clear that Microsoft has its work cut out for itself if it wants to win more market share with Windows 10 Mobile. The comScore report attributes 76.8 percent of the US population to owning a traditionally defined smartphone. If the company can grab a portion of the remaining 23.2 percent or convert existing mobile phone users, then there may be a chance of respectable market share in Microsoft's future.

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