Microsoft demos new copy/paste UI in Windows 8

Recently, Microsoft released a new BUILD video on USB 3.0 support which showed us how fast the new USB devices can really be. Today, the company have released another BUILD video, this time demoing the new copy and paste user interface that is currently in the works on Windows 8.

In Windows 7, copying and pasting can be a rather painful process, with the operating system bringing up many progress boxes, it can make a rather un-friendly user experience. Now in Windows 8, rather than having many different progress boxes, they have all been combined into one user-friendly Window.

While making the UI as friendly as possible for users, Microsoft have also been hard at work on making it as fast as possible, the company just recently demoed the new USB 3.0 support in the operating system which improves copy and paste speeds by 10 times. Now in Windows 8, you can pause and stop certain copy/paste processes without the need to cancel them altogether.

Microsoft is also making improvements to file conflicts (files with the same name) in Windows 8, now you can individually select which files you want to keep and replace within the same window, which is a big improvement to what Windows 7 currently offers.

Microsoft is hard at work on Windows 8, with rumours of a public beta to be available at Microsoft’s BUILD conference, it doesn’t look like it’ll be long before users get their hands on what Microsoft have been busy with. At this time, Microsoft have been focusing on speed, they want Windows 8 to be the fastest operating system that the company have ever released.

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