Microsoft demos new notification and Action Center features for Windows 10 (video)

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Microsoft spoke at length about Azure Cloud, Office 365, Xamarin, cross-platform development, Skype, chat bots, and the Universal Windows Platform during its two streaming keynotes at Build 2016. What the company didn’t speak about at length were new Windows 10 features. In a sort of cursory glance, Build 2016 attendees were given the high-level bullet points about an upcoming Anniversary Update coming to Windows 10 users, and that was seemingly all.

However, being a developer-centric event, it appears Microsoft would rather save its list of upcoming Windows 10 features for more focused and intimate developer sessions. During a session titled Notification Futures: Action Center in the Cloud and the Windows Notification Platform, developers were given an in-depth fifty-minute walkthrough of all the features coming to Windows 10 notifications and Action Center.

Developers can look forward to working with more robust API’s that will enhance the Windows 10 user experience by including Action Center UI changes, adaptive toast notifications, new Live Tile features and an Action Center that spans platforms and ecosystems by being based in the cloud.

For those interested in the new cloud-based Action Center and updated notifications, Microsoft developer-focused video channel (Channel 9) now has the session up for viewing.

There is still is no concrete date on when the update will hit systems right now, but Windows 10 Insiders should begin seeing implementations soon.


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